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AGV Pista GP RR Review

The AGV Pista GP RR helmet is one of the most premium helmets on the market, and this is reflected in its construction, fabric, and cost. A helmet with a carbon fiber shell is the second most expensive product on the market, behind only the ultra-exclusive $4000 Arai Corsair X RC. Is a carbon AGV worth the money? Let’s figure it out in this review.

Outer shell and design


The shell of AGV is made of 100% carbon fiber, which is lightweight and very strong. You can buy this model in seven sizes, from XS (20,87-21,26 inches) to XXL (24,8-25,2 inches), including MS and ML, with MS in different shell size and ML in the same shell as L size. Each of the four shell sizes has been individually designed to provide superior fit and comfort while minimizing the weight of each helmet size. It is 3,2 pounds in the first shell size. The full-face helmet includes metallic shades, and each model is livened up with a different design. I think that it is one of the most convenient models to buy.


AGV’s flagship product is DOT, ECE and FIM accredited, so if you are looking for high quality and protection, look no further. In terms of evaluation and testing, this is a reliable product. It has a lot of certifications and protection properties. Moreover, it meets the requirements of Moto GP, SBK, etc.


Like most modern racing helmets, this model provides riders with quick unblocking of cheek pads. This was done to easily remove the helmet when providing medical assistance. If we are talking about the convenience of the product, the Shalimar lining material is quite pleasant to the touch and wicks away sweat well. The patented padding system has two “vanes” adjacent to the head. These elements are adjustable, and by changing their position, you can change the fit of the helmet to a particular head shape. Of course, the entire lining can be easily removed for washing.

Fastening method

The 360° Adaptive Fit system provides riders with complete customization of the interior, giving them the chance to choose the perfect thickness for the top area of the head and the whole face. It uses double-D rings, and there are 17 thickness modes for the AGV’s helmet to suit the user’s head and riding style.

AGV Pista GP RR photo


The helmet provides you with a field of view of 190 degrees horizontally and 85 degrees vertically, which not only provides excellent width of peripheral vision but also allows you to see well in a sporty position behind the windshield of a sportbike. The product is made from a hydrophilic plastic with anti-fog characteristics capable of absorbing moisture. By precisely inserting itself into the special compartment on the inner surface of the 2,17 inches visor, it creates an air pocket that limits the onset of fogging without affecting the field of view. This product has a double-engagement locking system with a button, and it supports fastening adjustment. There is also anti-scratch treatment on both sides, and the inner surface is molded to accommodate the Pinlock 120 anti-fog lens.


In the AGV Pista GP RR review, I note that the helmet is equipped with three upper air intakes with dismountable adaptable rubber strip closures. Two additional lower parts with a sliding partition closure and slider to protect your chin. Moreover, riders can enjoy two fixed rear extractors, shaped to create a depression, favoring the release of air from the helmet.

Once you get some speed during riding, you will feel how balanced and accurate the helmet is. The detachable PRO spoiler on the back supports the rider by switching the airflow, so he can feel like having nothing at all on the head.


Ventilation is also excellent – with open-air ducts, it is wonderfully blown. The downside of good ventilation is its noise, but AGV took care of the comfort of the riders and provided them with noise protection caps.


This helmet, unfortunately, isn’t compatible to use such solutions as, for example, Smart HJC Bluetooth. However, there are such important things for you as earplugs and a plastic water supply tube. This helmet is an excellent solution for street riding. I can recommend the AGV Pista GP RR for riders as this is a quality product with many valuable functions and reliable protection.


  • Highly lightweight helmet.
  • Powerful ventilation system.
  • Effective aerodynamic design.


  • The noise at high speeds.

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