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AGV K6 Review

AGV K6 helmet is a premium segment accessory designed for any sophisticated motorcyclist. The streamlined shell shape and amazing ventilation are the strengths of this model. It is also surprisingly light and has an innovative inner lining for all-day comfort.

The manufacturer introduced the AGV K6 integral helmet at the end of 2019 and it targets two niches: sports and travel helmets.

Outer shell and design


The helmet is of full-face type. The shell of the helmet is made from a mixture of carbon and aramid, which allows for maximum helmet strength with minimum weight. The company uses technologies and materials developed for MotoGP™ riders.

The minimum weight of the helmet without accessories is only 2,69lbs. The helmet does feel very light and its durability is undeniable.

The shell is available in 4 sizes:

  • XS-S
  • MS
  • ML-LG
  • XL-XXL

There are 13 colors on the official website of the helmet manufacturer. Such an abundance of colors will satisfy the needs of even the most exquisite motorcyclists.


Thanks to the technology used for World Championship races, the K6 guarantees riders an unprecedented level of protection that will allow them to show their talents in any situation. The safety performance of the K6 is 48% higher than current standards require.
The helmet has the following certifications:

  • ECE 22-05
  • EAC
  • DOT
  • JIS T
  • CCC


The lining is the characteristic that makes the helmet quite interesting. The neck roll has perforated imitation leather in combination with Ritmo material. The neck roll and cheek pads make up one continuous piece of lining.

It has different density levels, providing an optimized level of protection at key points. The lining and cheek pads are made of hypoallergenic and waterproof materials, which ensure a microclimate inside the helmet. The insides are removable.

AGV uses soft Shalimar material for the head lining, and there is also a mesh for better air circulation. Excellent quality lining reminds us that this is a helmet from AGV.

This combination of high-quality materials makes riding with this helmet a real pleasure. In addition, these materials are durable, which will ensure a long helmet life.

AGV K6 picture

Fastening method

The AGV K-6 helmet has a Double D-Ring fastener. It is equipped with a quick-release system in case of emergency.

In practice, the helmet can be removed and put on quickly and comfortably. The work of the fastener completely satisfied me. Everything is as convenient as possible.


The helmet comes with an Optical Class 1 visor for stunning visibility. The horizontal angle of view is 190 degrees, and the vertical angle is around 85 degrees. Now everything is visible on the road!

The Pinlock lens comes with the helmet as well. There is a lock on the visor, as on the AGV Corsa R and AGV Pista Gp R helmets.

The visor has fogging protection. I tested the helmet in different weather conditions and this system did not cause any complaints. Excellent visibility has been maintained.

This lock allows activating the ventilation mode for even more airflow. There is a city and several intermediate positions of the visor. The helmet has a quick-release system for the visor.


The ventilation of the AGV K6 helmet is thought out to the smallest detail. At the bottom of the helmet, there are two ventilation channels that use a convenient mechanism of opening. The airflow will easily pass towards the chin and visor.

In the frontal part of the helmet, there are 3 ventilation channels, each with its opening mechanism, which allows achieving the most comfortable air circulation inside the helmet. There are two permanently open outlets at the back.

The ventilation system is what I especially liked about this helmet. I haven’t seen such comfortable riding conditions for a long time even in the most premium helmets.


Good aerodynamics and sound insulation are the hallmarks of this helmet. The K6’s ability to cut through the air while ensuring unrivaled control even at high speeds guarantees these advantages.

During the test, I felt it both on sharp turns during sports driving, and during long trips along suburban roads.

By purchasing this helmet, you can be sure that the noise won’t spoil your favorite bike experience.


The helmet is also suitable for people with glasses. The installation of the AGV Sena Ark communication system is available, and it works well. During testing for this AGV K6 review, I made several calls and did not notice any problems.


  • Minimum weight with high strength helmet.
  • The use of technologies and materials developed in real races of the highest level.
  • Visual design for every taste.


  • Visor fogging may occur without the Pinlock lens.

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