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Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS Review

Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet has grabbed a lot of attention, being one of the most desirable positions at the E-Bike Fair, International Motorcycle, and Scooter. Bell has updated and modified its previous version of the DMX helmet by MIPS. The fully-packaged full-faced head protector possesses costly visor features licensed by Transitions company at an affordable price. And it has so much more to offer. Find out what it hides in the sturdy shell with a stylish design.

Outer shell and design

Bell Qualifier DLX Mips

The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS is functional, sleek, stylish, and made of the dainty injected polymer composite shell. The polycarbonate used in its construction curtails lifting and buffeting. The breviloquent design represented in three shell sizes stands out from the crowd with its elegant appearance. At the same time, it is firm and durable and can effectively dampen the heavy impacts in a sudden crash.


The Bell Qualifier DLX is a full-face DOT and ECE certified helmet eligible for selling in Europe, Australia, America, and other countries where these safety regulations are appropriate. Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS) protects rotational and angular impacts.

However, it has got 3 points out of 5 according to the SHARP safety test, showing a lower result than Bell’s previously tested specimens.


The helmet includes countered cheek pads. The lining material possesses absorbing and moisture-wearing features. The interior is detachable, washable and cleanable any time you need it. The padded chin strap can be easily adjusted for a comfortable fit . The helmet fits well for long-distance journeys.

Fastening method

With a Double-D ring fastener, you can be sure that you have the simplest yet the most modern fixation available in helmets. The inelaborate combination of two D-shaped metal rings and a strap is easily adjustable. Pull the strap between the rings, then round and through the center of one hoop, and that’s it. Pushing the loop away from the neck weakens the mechanism and allows the host to untie the helmet quickly.


The visor is the most remarkable detail of this model, which experienced motorcyclists and ordinary customers appreciate a lot. Thanks to the integrated Transition Adaptive technology, the shield is transparent at night, gets darker in the sunlight, blocking the noxious UV-rays, and provides anti-fog protection. Usually, this feature is found in more expensive models, but the Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS helmet is an exception.


The ventilation system is adjustable for a comfortable ride. Two vent ports placed on the top, which work separately, allow getting fresh air inside the helmet. Additional vents on the bottom transmit the cooling through vertical orifices in the chin snap. The bottom vents stand out over vents in other models due to their regulating features and noise-suppressing functions at once. Closing the bottom vents decreases the airflow and the noise around subsequently.


Bell Qualifier DLX Mips photo

Due to the presence of many vent ports, entirely reducing the noise is impossible. Some customers complain about the noisiness of the Qualifier DLX helmet and fragile padding inside to quell the interior tumult. Perhaps, this model could be one of the noisiest in the motor accessories market. However, sportbikes, e.g., AGV Sport Modular, are comparatively brassier. But if the vent system is a priority, then the Qualifier DLX helmet will appear as excellent equipment for you.


Qualifier DLX MIPS includes an internal communication system and stereo set facility compatible with Bell Sena SMH10 and Cardo Scala Rider. The vent ports in the bottom with integrated speaker pockets allow putting the microphone right in the center of the chin bar for comfortable communication. Also, you can hide all the wires inside the helmet with no issues.


  • Photochromic licensed Transitions adaptive visor technology with anti-fog features
  • Excellent ventilation system
  • Bluetooth and speaker integration.


  • Low level of noise suppression
  • Not the highest scores according to the SHARP test.


The Bell Qualifier DLX MIPS confirms that the helmet is fully staffed equipment that professional riders and amateurs will appreciate. You can estimate it according to your personal preferences and demands for the equipment. If you are loyal to noise yet seek majestic visor functions, you will love this model at first sight. This helmet is worth attention and costs its money.

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