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Bell Star DLX MIPS Review

Before I move on to the Bell Star DLX MIPS review, I would like to say a few words about the company itself and the history of the development of this class of helmets. Bell Helmets is one of the old-timers in the motorcycle helmet market. In 1963, it released the first helmet that protects the whole head. At that time, motorcycle racers actively promoted the idea of creating such a model, and the company’s engineers developed their first product of this type. It was called the Bell Star. In fact, there was a real revolution in this area. Bell Star instantly became very popular among motorcyclists. And talking about the overall concept and design, all the modern helmets are an evolution of Bell Star 1963.

Decades have passed since the creation of the first helmet, and, indeed, new variants have appeared. So now the manufacturer pleased the fans with a new model – Bell Star DLX MIPS helmet. It is a continuation of the beloved classic, but much more comfortable, safe, and with many technological innovations.

Outer shell and design

Bell Star DLX MIPS

The helmet’s design is rather stylish and inspired by the modern rider’s basic needs. You’ll have no problem finding the right size as a full-size grid represents the model range: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL.

The limited choice of colors may be a little disappointing. You can choose from only five: black, white-red, light black, black-red, and black-metal.


A helmet is the most important piece of protective equipment for a motorcyclist. No matter how skillfully a person owns a motorcycle, no one is immune from falls. In the United States, the two most known organizations that certify helmets are the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Snell Memorial Foundation (SMF). This helmet has been tested by two organizations and received certificates. This means that it has a quality and safety mark.


Your comfort and safety depend primarily on a comfortable and high-quality inner lining. That’s why you should pay special attention to it when choosing a helm. So let’s take a closer look at what the manufacturer has prepared in this aspect:

  • New tri-density cheek pads with added comfort padding.
  • Interior/lining type: speaker sections, antibacterial lining.
  • Impact Pad Type: Inner Flex Pad.
  • 2 air channels in the frontal part, 1 in the nose, and 1 air outlet on the back of the head.
  • Dark visor included.
  • Washable inner lining made of Virus Cool Jade Mesh Liner.
  • Secure D-ring latch.

Fastening method

The Bell Star motorcycle helmet has all the necessary technologies to ensure the safety of fastening, simplicity and adjustment. The double ring fastening method allows you to fasten the helmet securely. This is double safety for the rider and his head. Also, the helmet is very easy to adjust to the head. The company uses the D-ring clasp:

  • A clasp of this type does not need to be fastened and unfastened each time; it is enough to do it once, and then easily loosen / tighten.
  • Tightening/loosening operations are easily done with one hand.
  • The clasp is very comfortable. You can fasten it even with motorcycle gloves.

Bell Star DLX MIPS photo


The helmet uses Bell Protint screen technology. The screen remains clear in low light conditions and darkens quickly when exposed to strong sunlight. This adaptive technology helps the rider adjust to different weather conditions at low or high speeds. There is also fog protection.


The helmet is equipped with multi-channel ventilation, allowing the cool air to blow on your head. As a result, you will feel comfortable in it in the summer, even during long rides. Due to good ventilation, the inner lining of the helmet absorbs less sweat and unpleasant odors. Therefore, the lining will not need to be washed frequently.


The helmet includes an Active Noise Canceling system that allows you to focus on the race and not be distracted by different sounds.The rider’s nervous system will be completely safe due to noise reduction. Also, thanks to the helmet, the rider’s aerodynamics is increased, which gives a slight advantage in speed.


The main features of this model include:

  • MIPS energy management.
  • X-Static liner.
  • Panovision Class 1 optics.
  • Bell ProTint Photochromic Shield.
  • Lightweight Tri-Matrix composite shell.

Pros and Cons

I think you are already convinced that the Bell Star DLX MIPS helmet has a number of technological innovations and features. However, before making your final choice, weigh the pros and cons.


  • Safety and convenience.
  • High-quality and reliable material.
  • The original modern design.
  • A lot of additional features.
  • Low weight.
  • Helmets are tested before placing products in the store. This procedure allows you to get rid of the defective goods immediately.


  • The product is more expensive than its market competitors.
  • Little choice of helmet colors.

I hope my review will help you make an informed choice, and now you have a complete impression of the Bell Star DLX MIPS helmet and its features.

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