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Shoei RF-SR Review

The Shoei RF-SR helmet from a well-known Japanese manufacturer catches on with a new, improved design. This is a full-face helmet that weighs 3 pounds, comes in a large size range and color solutions, and is equipped with Bluetooth and E.Q.R.S. If we compare the Shoei RF-SR to the AGV K5, the former passes crash tests better, has excellent aerodynamic properties, and is lighter. This helmet is worth buying. The company is constantly improving, staying true to the good old quality while also adding modern technologies.

Outer shell and design

Shoei RF-SR

To assemble the Shoei RF-SR helmet, specialists use high-quality materials such as resin, carbon, fiber. The Shoei RF-SR model is representative of full-face helmets. The size range is extensive: from XS to 2XL. The manufacturer provides classic colors such as black, matte black, white, basalt gray, matte deep gray, and bright hues such as tangerine orange and matte blue. Thanks to such a variety of colors and sizes, everyone can find a perfect helmet that will be right for them.


The Shoei RF-SR helmet has 2 certifications. The first DOT is an American safety standard for public roads. The second one is obtained from the private non-profit organization Snell Memorial Foundation. These two certificates are the main indicators of build quality.


The lining is made of durable material; everything can be removed and cleaned, the cheek pads are adjustable. The Shoei RF-SR has an E.Q.R.S. (Emergency Quick Release System), which helps to easily remove the cheek pads in case of injury. All these factors ensure a comfortable and safe ride as seen from the Shoei RF-SR review.

Fastening method

The Shoei RF-SR helmet is equipped with a DD-ring retention system. The double ring has several advantages. The DD-ring clasp does not put pressure on the neck; it cannot be arbitrarily undone. Also, the DD-Ring fastener does not need to be permanently closed or opened when putting on or taking off the helmet. You fasten once and then loosen or tighten as necessary. You can adjust the clasp on a bike with gloves and with one hand.


Out of the box, you get two different visors, which can block sunlight. They come equipped with a Pinlock EVO fog-resistant system and make the helmet suitable for use in any weather conditions.


Ventilation of the Shoei RF-SR is provided by two upper air intakes, while the lower opening absorbs air exhaled by a person, which helps prevent the visor from fogging. This system produces enough fresh air for the driver.


Due to the structure of the helmet, most sounds are suppressed. Also, the Shoei RF-SR is equipped with a lower chin guard. This greatly reduces the noise level. These holes are easily adjustable even with gloves. The air flows readily throughout the crown and chin/eyeport areas when they are open.

Shoei RF-SR Photo


The model can be equipped with Smart HJC Bluetooth. This system allows you to listen to music or the navigator and make calls right while driving. The intercom communication range is up to 400 m and is based on a one-to-one connection. It allows the driver to be less distracted by their gadgets and do some things right on the motorcycle. You can also chat with 7 riders at the same time at a maximum range of 1 mile. Also, this technology is able to suppress unnecessary noise and at the same time maintain the quality of the call or music.


  • Excellent aerodynamics
  • Wear-resistant and durable
  • The helmet fits snugly.


  • Lack of bright colors
  • Small noises.
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