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Shoei X-14 Review

Meet an exemplary item of secure and stable full-face workmanship – the Shoei X-14 helmet! It’s a stunning model in the row of affordable price policies! An extensive plethora of colors makes this product catchy!

The main benefits are a high-tech ventilation system, a protective visor, and a removable interior. All these together make the cleaning of your device easy! Pleasantly, this helmet includes six additional accessories! Read this Shoei X-14 review to find out more advantages!

Outer shell and design

Shoei X-14

The quality of this full-face helmet impressed me from the first touch and fit. The solid, shockproof, and eco-friendly material of the outer shell makes an imprint of the premium class race equipment!

Speaking about the other staff, the inner surface is made of plastic, medicine rubber, and polyester. The carcass is presented from firm metal. The weight of this device is 3.3 Ib. Despite the fact that this model isn’t a lightweight device, it is pretty comfortable during long rides. The Shoei helmet I’d love to recommend has 6 various sizes:

  • XS (head circum – 20.8-21.2 inches);
  • S (HC – 21.6-22 inches);
  • M (HC – 22.4-22.8 inches);
  • L (HC – 23.2-23.6 inches);
  • XL (HC – 24-24,4 inches);
  • XXL (HC – 24.8-25.1 inches).

The color multiplicity of this item is wide. It presents such designs: classic matte/glass white, gray, black, blue; red, green, gold/black; blue, green/silver. As for me, I adore this model range with the mix of bright colors!


The Shoei X-14 helmet has been successfully approved in the context of the crash tests. It is SNELL-certified and SHARP 5-stars rated, so you can be sure that this model is absolutely safe and convenient for riders. DOT & ECE are still unavailable, however, I recommend you monitor this situation on the Shoei official website.


I’m a guy with a durable experience in racing, so that’s why I prefer helmets that are easy to keep and care of. Cleaning your device increases the period of utilization to decades! I am sure that this model will not bring any hassles concerning this aspect.

The inner surface of this helmet is made from waffle acrylic fabric which makes it fast-dry! Importantly, the device of your interest has an antibacterial removable interior, counting the skullcap & cheek pads, and it makes the washing simpler!

About the comfort of this item, I estimate it is like 12 stars from 5. Numerous reviewers on the Internet agree with me and rate the Shoei bestseller very high, almost maximally!

Fastening method

The fastening, as well as regulating, systems are simple and clear in use. It provides a classical double-D fastener that reminded me of the well-known conception of aircraft seatbelts. Surely, you have the possibility to adjust the chin stripe according to your anatomy. If you choose the fit size and regulate all the fasters correctly relishing the ride is guaranteed!

I had mentioned the aspect that regulating this device takes time before the first exploitation. However, once done deal and your helmet is ready to utilize anytime and anywhere in a moment! During the winter drive test, I appreciated that this fastener is quite comfortable in use (even having the massive equipment on my hands, head, etc.).

Shoei X-14


I very much cherished the protection visor in this item, which includes: anti-fog, sun, and waterproof protection. It also has a no-tool pin-lock that is very practical! Among the accessories, I found the CWR-F Pinlock EVO lens, I’m sure some of you may find it useful!


When I tried this helmet the first time, my reaction was approximately like: “Wow! That’s cool and fresh!”. I adored this pretty considered and developed ventilation system. During the ride, the airflow comes through hind-head and cheek inserts.

Take into account that the position of the visor is also involved in the airflow regulation! This is a happy blend of exceptional features for your comfort during a speedy ride. Surprisingly, the helmet of your interest has only three regulating positions. But its differences collated with others. The upper air complex impacts like a defroster and the lower part as a cooler. So you can use the first in cold seasons and the second in hot.


As I had mentioned before, the position of the visor is essential and also adjusts the level of airflow, consequently the noise too. However, during the ride, I noticed that it reduces all the outsider sounds very well. Therefore, it’s quite possible and comfortable to have calls or listen to music using this model.

Surely, if you prefer total noise isolation I recommend you to try earplugs. Nevertheless, having a fully closed visor it’s just unnecessary – this effect of earbuds already feels, and I’m not the first one who has confirmed this fact!


Most helmets nowadays, unfortunately, don’t provide an integrated Bluetooth mode. However, a dozen of other pros are mentioned above in this Shoei X-14 review! Hope to see the innovations in this model soon! Now, we can use Bluetooth gadgets with this item together!

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